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Determining the appropriate age for your child to begin preschool is critical, and it requires considerable thought and effort on the part of the parents. While the best international school in Bangalore enrol children between the ages of three and four, there is no predefined optimal age because there are other factors besides children’s age that influence when your child should begin preschool. 

If your child is turning three or has already turned three, you may be wondering if they have come to the nursery admission age. Choosing whether your child is ready for preschool is a big decision, but there are some important things to think about, which are given here.


When Is a Child Ready to Start Preschool in Bangalore?

All parents struggle with deciding when their children should start preschool. It is natural since, as a parent, you continually want to provide the best for your child. Although the best international school in Bangalore accepts children as young as two and a half years old, this does not mean that every child can begin as soon as they reach this age. 

We all want a quick answer to this universal issue that every parent will face at some point in their lives. It is crucial to note, however, that age is not the sole factor in determining when a child is ready for preschool. 

Each child develops at his or her own pace, not only physically but also socially and emotionally. As a result, all issues must be carefully considered.


Is Your Child Ready for Preschool in Bangalore?

When your child attends preschool, he or she will be separated from you for a few hours. In other words, because you will not be there to help your child with his or her normal routines, such as washing hands after playing, drinking water, and sleeping alone, your child will need to practise some basic self-care. 

You must ensure that your child is prepared for preschool on all levels when he or she reaches nursery admission age. He or she may be physically and emotionally equipped but lacks social skills. 

Travelling to preschool would require interaction with other children. Here are some things to think about while choosing whether your child is ready for preschool.


Considerations Before Enrolling Your Child in Bangalore International School for Preschool Education

1. Fundamental Self-Sufficiency Skills

When your child starts preschool, you can expect them to be somewhat self-sufficient. You should consider whether your child can accomplish fundamental things on his or her own, such as eating, drinking, using the restroom, sleeping alone, and so on.

2. At Ease Around Others

Children frequently do not feel comfortable when their parents are not around, owing in part to the fact that you have always been present with them. If you have a babysitter, for example, your child will most likely be okay attending preschool for a couple of hours while you are gone.

3. Group Projects

All children are required to participate in a variety of group activities at preschool. Interaction with other children will, of course, help with the development of new talents. 

Such group activities, however, may be difficult for toddlers under the age of three, who are typically full of energy and ready to try new things. You can start introducing them to group activities if they are not used to them yet.

4. Physical Strength

A preschool is an active atmosphere that includes activities such as drawing and painting, field trips, and a playground, among others, that demand a lot of physical mobility. 

If he or she is still not at that level, if he or she does not want to shift from one activity to the next, or if he or she still takes frequent naps, preschool may not be appropriate for him or her.

5. Keeping a Routine

Children prefer routines, which is why preschools usually follow a certain schedule – circle time, playtime, snack time, playground, and finally lunch. If your child does not follow a steady pattern, this is something you should address before enrolling them in preschool.

6. Individual Performer

Preschool offers a variety of solitary arts and crafts activities that need a high level of focus and concentration in addition to group activities. If your child enjoys doing puzzles or drawing on his or her own at home, it is a solid indication that he or she will thrive in preschool.

7. Physical Condition

Another factor to consider is your child’s health. Before enrolling your child in preschool, examine whether he or she is sensitive to illness or easily becomes ill. If your child is prone to ailments such as ear infections or bronchitis, enrolling them in preschool should be postponed.

8. Transitional phrases

For their preschool program, many Bangalore International schools adhere to a regular schedule. Children must be able to easily transition from one activity to the next, such as from carpet time to playground time, craft time, and snack time. 

Transitioning is something you will want to work on before your child starts preschool, especially if they are engrossed in an activity they enjoy.

9. Guidelines to Follow

Preschool has few restrictions, but it is expected that your youngster can obey simple instructions. Preschoolers are typically expected to clean up after themselves, adhere to food guidelines, form a line with the rest of the class, and complete a variety of other tasks.



Most of the time, you will not need to do anything special to prepare your child for preschool because the abilities required are ones that most children naturally develop around preschool age. 

However, it may be advantageous to revisit important skills before enrolling them in a preschool program at Bangalore International School, especially if some of these skills are lacking.


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