VERSIONS: Creative Agency That Designs Human-Centric Interfaces
VERSIONS: Creative Agency That Designs Human-Centric Interfaces

Human-centered design is the approach to design that considers the needs of users and places them at the centerfold of every design direction and decision. It focuses on design that is made for the user through the context of use, user research, and data-driven testing.

A well-designed digital product should be designed with the user in mind. Human-centric designs are focused on the real human experience. By understanding how people interact with products, VERSIONS creates digital designs—UI/UX design, graphic design, branding design, and web design that are user-focused.  

VERSIONS is a creative design firm that specializes in all facets of UI/UX and digital design. The agency has been working in the design industry since early 1999. They are experts in creating digital experiences that are highly responsive, usable, accessible, and innovatively dynamic.

The human-centered design approach is heavily applied by the team because it helps ensure users will enjoy the overall experience of interacting with a design. VERSIONS has implemented human-centric methodologies and design thinking into its design practices before it was widely embraced by digital agencies today. The Chicago-based team has worked with the world’s best businesses and recognized non-profit organizations to help revolutionize the experience of user interactions.

Users’ needs are the foundation of all design and understanding them is the key to creating effective designs. In addition to VERSIONS’ human-centered design and development experience, they also have a strong focus on user experience, which goes hand-in-hand with human-centric thinking.

As mentioned earlier, human-centered design is the approach to design that focuses on the needs of the user audience. This means that instead of designing just for the sake of aesthetics, VERSIONS considers how the user experience can be improved through creativity and collaboration of human-centric ideology.

This design philosophy emphasizes the human connection with technology. By taking this approach, VERSIONS creates products and services that meet the needs of both users and their environment.

Human beings are naturally more likely to adopt a design that is stylish, easy to use, and can be personalized according to the user’s interest. With a history of success in human design, innovation, and personalization, VERSIONS has a well-earned reputation for being the go-to agency for any business that wants to take its product or service to the next level.